Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A healty combination~

Around an hour ago I finished day 3 of the 30 day Shred-I know why it must be called that cause it feels like my muscles have been shredded and put back in my clothes.

Seriously you should see me try to walk. I knew I was out of shape but this is really crazy. Oh well no pain no gain right. I did seem to get a bigger movement with my jumping jacks so that is good.

Last night we went to Swiss Chalet and just like I said I ordered a salad instead of fries. I only stole two of Cole's to so that was good. The food was awesome as usual. It was really nice to get out with Cole during the week.

Tomorrow I go get weighed. I'm really curious about what it will say since I had a really great week food/exercise wise. I can never really tell cause my body fluctuates but whatever it says I'm still proud of the choices I made this week. Yah me.

There is this woman at work who is a little taller than me but she probably weighs 450 pds and I really feel so bad for her. She looks so uncomfortable and during my lunch break she will eat chips from the vending machine. She seems so unhappy and I just want to hug her. Its so hard seeing someone like that and not reaching out and saying how much blogging is helping me this time. I told Cole last night that this time (losing weight) feels so different-so much more attainable because of my blog and having ppl comment and care about me and my journey-thanks everyone :)


  1. Aw- I feel bad for that lady as well...maybe the topic will come up between you two and you'll eb able to share your journey with her- I'm sure that deep down she really is crying out for help.


  2. ((((Candace)))) I am giving YOU a big hug! I feel the same way when I see people that are large like that. I want to tell them that it is possible but they have to be ready to make the commitment and as you can tell in blogland sometimes it takes people (like me) longer then others to commit.

    You are a sweetie and help me with this rough road so THANK YOU!

  3. You are so right about blogging helping in your goal. When I am busy and don't get to read the motivation stories from you guys, I always do worse. You are a constant motivator!

  4. I'm new to your blog. I, too love the blog world! I have just started my journey and have already found so much support. Maybe your co-worker will ask you about what you are doing when she sees you losing all the pounds.

    Great job skipping on the fries!

  5. Thanks everyone-you all rock :)

  6. Candace-your blog motivates me and I like you believe this time is different. Something about having friends in the same boat-even though we don't actually see eachother or talk, I know you have my bck every day when you log in to comment and read my blog.

    Way to go in the shred! You are going to have to come up with a reward when you are done with it.

  7. I'm so glad you are liking and having your butt kicked by the Shred!!!! I'mn excited for your weigh in. :)

    Love your blog. You are so cute. :)

  8. I've been slacking on blog-reading the last few days (and I might get my question answered by reading your previous posts), but are you doing the shred on back-to-back days or resting? I could barely descend the stairs after I did the Shred that ONE DAY I did it. It's so insane! You're a beast (in a good way, of course) for doing it!! I feel the same way about losing weight "this time" because of blogging - it's so much better having people to support you!

  9. So far I did it back to back and believe me I hurt-so sore-but gettting better.