Monday, January 25, 2010

I exercised and lived to write about it.

Well I did the first level of the 30 day Shred. Man alive am I out of shape. No seriously I thought I was going to die-it was only me there but I was begging for my life-my eyelids sweat.

I learned something about myself-I really hate jumping jacks. Not only do I have a really sucky sports bra but I need a tamer for my stomach too-definitely not attractive. It will get better right? Anybody? Anybody?

Another thing I realized today too is that my metabolism must be pumping hard. I eat every few hours and it feels like I'm constantly hungry now. I have to figure out something between 12-3 cause I eat around 11:45 and then didn't have a snack til 3:30 and I felt really light headed and almost to the point of getting sick-I have a slight headache now. Its really crazy cause the whole reason I gained my weight was because I would go like 10-12 hours without eating and then eat my supper and snacks all at once.

I'm really hoping the Wii Fit comes in soon so I can switch it up-if I can even move tomorrow :)


  1. I have not tried the Shred but I am scared. I hear ya on the jumping. Between my boobs and my belly bouncing... not pretty!

    I have a tendancy to do that too (waiting too long to eat) and it does cause problems with my blood sugar. I am trying to get better at it but it is a hard habit to break.

  2. The Shred definitely gets easier. Stick with it. Do the best you can and you will find that your best will be more and more each day.

    Great job on getting started.

  3. It does get easier! I hated the jumping jacks, too. I started Shredding two or three months postpartum, so I can't even tell you how many times I had to pause during the jumping so I could run and empty my bladder haha

  4. I'm glad it gets easier cause I feel like I'm dying.

  5. Dude, I feel you on the jumping jacks - mine are only half as effective because I have to hold my boobs/stomach/pants with my hands. I can't wait to do REAL ones!!

    I did a diet program a few years back where you had pre-packaged meals for lunch and dinner but you were supposed to eat all the fruits and veggies you wanted and could eat; the weeks I ate round-the-clock were the weeks I lost the most. The leader always made that argument that your metabolism is like a furnace; if you continually feed it small amounts, it'll keep burning strong and steady, but if you add a whole bunch of fuel every now and then, it'd flare up and then die away. So even if it's like an apple or banana or some kind of veggie every 1.5 hours, it'll keep your metabolism revving!

  6. Yeah for sure Kat so many ppl think to lose they must starve but we know the difference of that-its funny cause with my "skinny" friends I'm the go to when asking weight loss questions-Irony?