Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Midweek chatter.

This week is going pretty fast. I'm waiting to get weighed in tomorrow in the hopes that there is a different leader on Thursdays. If its the same one my friend Kelly said she would go with me and we can laugh our way through it-haha.

Kelly and her husband are the couple coming for supper on Friday. Kelly has MS and is in a scooter, everyday I think of her and so appreciate the things I take for granted. She was telling me of a time when she needed a nap before going out and she couldn't get herself from her scooter to the bed so she just had to try and nap in her scooter. It really puts the day to day trials in my life into prospective. Anyways we are going to play Wii and I just love hanging out with the two of them.

Yesterday I posted about my love of scrapbooking and Katie J asked for some pics. Its really hard to get a great pic that captures them well but here are a few:

Some pics of Ben from Christmas Morning.Some pics of us building a SnowGirl with GabbySome pics of Gabby from Christmas Morning.A page of Cole & IThis is a page of me & Mom-I weigh around 195 in this pic-I miss me then :)This evening for supper I'm making homemade baked sweet potatoes fries and Sweet & Sour Meatballs done in the slow cooker. Here's the Meatballs: Tomorrow I'll be back with my weigh in results and I'll let you know how the supper turns out.


  1. Thanks for posting the pics! I really like the one of you and Cole and you and your momma. That is a cute pic of you too... oh I dream of being at that weight...sigh...

    Good luck with the W.I. tonight!

  2. Wow! Love the pics!!! Good luck tomorrow! Your friends sound great. It is amazing how much we take for granted. Reading your post made me look back at my day and my complaints, and I feel silly. :)