Friday, January 1, 2010

I'm feeling Bitter!

I rarely post twice in one day but I feel like I have so many separate thoughts in my head. On January 5th I start my day shift.

I'm really nervous. Maybe I'm resistant to change but I've worked nights for over 4 years now with Cole. Whenever we tell anyone that I got days and he is still on nights they act like we are planning a funeral.

I guess I'm feeling really anxious about meeting new people, with a company our size close friendships rarely happen at the workplace. I'm used to not having to deal with anyone-I put on my ipod and away I go but with this shift change I will have to make some phone calls.

I'm also thinking about how unhappy I am to be away from my family all the time. I should be grateful that I got to see everyone at Christmas but it was way too short and I'm resentful to my job for not letting us have time off and genuinely just have a depressed feeling about the whole situation.

We actually have to work tonight to make up for the shift change we were given and it just doesn't make sense. There is a woman who sits next to me and she gets a doctors note at least once a week and twice this week to get off work, but someone with perfect attendance can't get an extra day off to leave the Country, hello my name is bitter. haha.

Anyways I figure now I will post a few pics of Christmas to cheer me up.

My amazing sister-in-law Mary with my nephew Ben
Here I am with BenThis nerd is my brother DarrenHere is Cole with BenHere is Me & Gabby DoodlingHere I am with Mom shopping at the outlet stores. I wish I would have gotten some pics of me & Mary or me & Darren-I don't know why I never think about it at the time-strange.


  1.'s normal to be apprehensive about any kind of change and to feel short changed when you see others "cheat" the system.

    Why did you change to days? If it was something you wanted, then try to focus on that rather than the stuff that you "might" not like or stuff that "might" happen.

    And keep us posted about how you're doing..that's what we're here for.


  2. Sorry to hear youre a little nervous about the change :(

    Happy New Year

    and those are cute kiddos in your family

  3. It's totally normal to feel nervous about change, I think we all are!

    Sorry your feeling down and bitter. Try to focus on the good days you had with your family and think about planning your next visit!

    Happy New Year :)

  4. Aww, cute pictures! Good luck with your shift change. Big hugs!!