Sunday, January 3, 2010

Odds & Ends~

I'm so excited to have 20 followers-how exciting. Don't worry everyone I'm not nearly as bitter as my last post-haha.

We had a pretty good weekend. Friday night we worked and slept for a bit on Saturday morning, went to return some Christmas gifts that didn't fit, Cole got his hair cut and we went to lunch. I haven't been on the ball this week with eating and that meal was no exception. I don't know what is wrong with me but this week was harder than Christmas week.

Tomorrow morning I am planning a big wake up call workout to get myself back on track. I'm also prepping some of my healthy food tonight to remotivate myself to get ready for the week.

We are getting a wii this week and hopefully in a couple of weeks we can afford the wii fit, I think it seems fun and will help during the cold weather. The treadmill is good but variety would also be nice.

Cole is napping right now but I sleep tonight to get used to it for tomorrow night-it is so strange the entire length of our relationship we have hardly slept alone. I imagined enjoying at least the first week of having separate schedules as "ME" time but its been like two hours into his sleep and I hate it.

I've never been like this before. In past relationships I could have cared less about schedules. Haha. I am easily getting tired of people already saying how different shifts is going to strain our relationship. Do people ever think they are helping by saying such things? I'm not usually a person who gravitates towards the negative anyways but if a friend told me she was going on a different shift than her partner I would never think to say something like that-what does it solve?

Today I already felt like I had more energy. I am usually lacking in that department for sure but today I was took down and put away all the decorations, vacuumed, did dishes, laundry, litter box, etc and I'm still going. I could learn to like the new me-hope she sticks around for a bit.

I so pray that Cole gets a day shift soon. He is so supportive of me and is so genuinely happy its unreal. I know how much he wants a day shift, he was talking about it way before me.

I'll let you know how my workout goes in the morning and I'll post a pic of my new Weight Watcher Cookbook that Cole got me for Christmas-over 500 recipes-can't wait-he got me an ipod touch too and there are tons of weight loss applications. Awesome~


  1. Great to see you in a better frame of mind :)

    I am loving my iPod Touch. We should compare apps!

  2. Prepping healthy foods for the week shows real determination. You'll have a great week.

  3. Way to get your week started C!