Saturday, October 24, 2009

Giving me something to think about

Well I just finished reading another post from girlstuckinarut and it got me thinking. Tasha and her husband had an argument over when to start a family as he is five years older than her.
I am 7 years older than my fiance. He is happy to wait a few years and I am too but I do worry that since I am 32 now I will be pushing it then. It sucks feeling like you have to base lifelong decisions on age. HOW CAN I BE 32? I AM THE MOST CHILDISH PERSON I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!
On a lighter topic I set out for my morning walk at 7 this morning and it was the most beautiful light snow falling, I thought I was in heaven. Don't worry it didn't last long before I knew it, down came the sharpest freezing rain ever, it really put some gusto into my stride as I wanted to get out of that asap.
I have really been enjoying reading some blogs, so many beautiful, funny, introspective women out there, wish you ladies lived close-feels like spending times with old friends.


  1. Wow snow at 7am! I am a Cali gal so I have NO concept of that.

    There is so much support out there Candace. So many people shooting for the same goal and sooo many different ways of getting there. I attribute my success this time to having the support both in real life and the blogosphere.

  2. Gee I never really thought about the age thing but now that I do I think guys really do have a lot of advantage. Maybe God gives us more time because it takes us way longer to grow up than women?

    I think I can honestly say for my age I know no person who is more childish than I... and that is so sad. People who loose that kid joy deep down inside loose alot of the happiness of life.

    At Foolsfitness we wear grown-up clothes!-Alan