Thursday, October 15, 2009

Strike a pose.

This week was of course Canadian Thanksgiving. I hosted for the in-laws which may be some sort of self-destruction since I love my cooking, and have since been surrounded by the leftovers. I actually did pretty good considering. I didn't come close to eating as much as I would have in the past and have been trying to use positive self talk. Instead of being disappointed in myself for eating too much dessert I will focus on the fact that I didn't eat any of the Halloween treats or chips I had put out for my guests. I really think that this has made me really good the rest of the week with my walks and eating. In the past I would get myself so worked up in a negative manner that I would just start continue over-eating until I completly wrecked my entire week. Weight in is tomorrow morning so we'll have to wait and see. I did notice that my double chin is getting smaller and for anyone who knows me this is a major deal for me. My fiance is obsessed with taking pics and a double chin is hard to hide.

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