Sunday, October 25, 2009

Skinny is the new annoying~

A friend of a friend is joining weight watchers. While most times I am like more the merrier, this time I am not. You see, this woman, whose name happens to begin with a B-which I relate to another word, is around 5'8 and weighs around 95 pounds. She was asked to leave ww before for being too far Under goal and is now coming back with a dr's note.
Cole says be the bigger person and just ignore it, but is it so wrong that while I may be physically bigger I don't plan on being emotionally bigger. She is loud and loves being the center of attention and I'm super bugged. My ww meetings are one of the few places I can truly be myself.
This summer we were all at our mutual friends house swimming and when I got out of the pool, in my bathing suit, she looked me up and down and said I have to go back to ww-yes people there are actually people out there like that, haha.
Maybe I'll send some anonymous orders of takeout to her place via delivery-yes people, I actually think like this. Only on a handful of occasions, like maybe just a few times an ............hour :o(

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