Thursday, October 22, 2009

Setting the mood for food.

It seems that this is the time of year when my work starts having potlucks for everything and there is just so much food around. I don't want food to be an enemy in my life so I am learning to adapt.
I always save my flex points for the weekend so during the week when I am making things I can usually put myself off by saying you can have some on the weekend. This week was my fiance's fathers birthday and we got him a gift and I made him these Chocolate/White Chocolate cookies, they are his favorite that I make and I love them too. Then for work tonight they are having a potluck and I made these really cute cupcakes.
At work tonight I really won't have a problem resisting all the bad stuff because I do like to have a certain setting for eating, is that weird? Don't get me wrong I eat at work but I feel if I'm going to eat lots of points I want to be comfortable or having a nice meal, where I decide what I'm going to have. Cole, my fiance always thought I was strange, when we were just friends, we would get takeout and I would always want to bring it home, put it on a nice plate and enjoy it. He comes from a family where they might eat it in the car in a parking lot if they are busy, I hate that. I would rather wait.


  1. Me too!
    I hate eating out of boxes and with plastic cutlery. Everyone at work (construction trailer) makes fun of me because I use a real plate and cutlery and take it home each night to wash it (we don't have potable water). But it makes me slow down and enjoy my food rather than eating it quickly and mindlessly.
    Even at home, our one rule is that meal time is at the table - not on the couch or standing in the kitchen!

  2. That is an awesome habit to get into with the family.