Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is me (now?)

Well the other day I had a small slip up, but moved on. One weird thing that I do when I eat something unplanned or over points? I hide the evidence from my fiance. Don't get me wrong its not that Cole would beat me, haha, or for the matter even notice but I find myself washing out the dishes or hiding wrappers and I think-what a complete weirdo I am. What would possess someone to do this?
I went for a walk yesterday morning and while at a stoplight this girl who also has blonde hair was wearing the same exact yoga suit as me, only about 10 times smaller OUCH THAT HURT, we probably looked like a before and after pic. In a years time I hope to be the after.


  1. Just think, if you had been home sitting on the couch, you wouldn't have seen her at all. Better that you were out exercising too. No reason to OUCH.

  2. Good job moving on after a little slip. That is the most important trick to getting healthy!

  3. Haha-so true. Thanks Tasha, in the past I wouldn't have moved on so quickly-I might actually be learning, haha.