Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I need a hungry for my fridge.

Well I had a bad night. I went to work and about an hour into my shift I started feeling sick. I stuck it out a few hours but than I left work and came home. I spent a little time lying down reading and spent some time on the computer. I had points I had to eat because where I work nights I sleep in the day.
I had some soup and crackers. Later I had 3pts of party mix a coffee and another pt in chocolate. Than I had some ice cream-only 4pts over my goal, but still, I didn't get in my proper pts and what I did eat wasn't exactly fruits and vegetables.
I really admire these people who get sick and lose their appetite-Confession time people-I have NEVER lost my appetite. Death, Depression, Happiness, Sickness, nothing makes me want to stop eating. My friend's marriage broke up a year ago and she lost 50 pds. WHAT?


  1. Having an appetite is a sign of health. You don't want to get so sick or depressed that you have no appetite. Celebrate your good health.

  2. Your not alone. I rarely lose my appetite either no matter what the situation. In fact, most of those situations are what make me want to eat! Food is my drug of choice...now to stay in rehab! LOL