Friday, October 23, 2009


Today was my weight watcher meeting and I lost 1.6 pds. I am really proud of myself. Used to be that I would be bitterly disappointed if I didn't drop higher numbers but with age and wisdom-joke, I have learned to love most losses.
I walked 5 1/2 times this week, the 1/2 is for on Sunday when my fiance and I went for a walk but had to turn back around cause I wasn't feeling well.
I am so enjoying my meetings. My friend Kelly has started weight watchers and is now at my meetings with me and its so nice to have someone there.
The main reason I am so proud of myself is that I am exercising so much. In the past it has always been so hard to get motivated to exercise, probably because carrying so much weight doesn't exactly make it easy. This time though I am really enjoying the walks because they clear my head after the work day, also helps me sleep better too, another plus when losing weight.
Only 1.8 pds before I get my 20 pd star, yay me, I cannot wait to get my 10% and my 25 pd award, these things may be trivial to some but I use them as a big motivator.


  1. I'm sad that I'll be giving up my WW meetings, with me going back to work. I hope to eventually squeeze them in again, going to the meetings really makes me stay on the program! Great job on the loss this week!

  2. Great job. Keep up the walking :)

  3. Good job! You will get that 20 lb. star in no time!

  4. Sandy-I really hope you will be able to fit them in again soon. A lady yesterday just got to goal and she said she had never missed a meeting and felt it was a big reason for the achievement. Its really important to find one that suits you too.