Saturday, October 17, 2009

I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly.

In my weight watcher meeting yesterday the discussion topic was "making time for yourself". We had to write down how much time in a day did we need to focus on our weight loss and how much time we actually had.

So many of the women in my meetings are older with children, husbands, grandchildren, etc. They are always putting the needs of their families in front of their own. I don't. Honestly, I used to be that way in the past and it got me nowhere.

Don't get me wrong, its just me, my fiance and my cat here and I spoil them all the time but I have decided that I have to put myself first. My fiance and I were best friends for years before we started dating and we saw each other though bad relationships, we learned from them and are in an excellent place now.

I don't have trouble saying no to other people's requests when they conflict with me doing what is needed for me to lose weight and I reach out to my fiance for extra help all the time.

Sometimes in my ww meeting I just want to thump some woman in the heads, is that mean? MAKE YOURSELF IMPORTANT PEOPLE. Men cannot read your minds and if you ask them to do the dishes they will, they can be great.

A lady in my meeting is at least 80 and every week wants to be praised for practically starving herself. Her children threw her and her husband a 50th wedding anniversary and she spent 2 weeks talking about how she hated it and was only going to drink water at it. Drove me nuts. Please ppl if I am 80 and still trying to lose weight, just shoot me.


  1. That last paragraph is so sad. Can you imagine being married 50 years and celebratin that..and worrying about what to eat????
    Priorities people!!!

  2. I know-the whole time my weight watcher leader is trying to explain to her that you have to enjoy your life and accomplishments.
    Her daughters cared enough to do this and she was just complaining about it. Take the day, enjoy yourself, and then move on. There are so many ways to deal with special occasions, you can't just give up living completly.

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