Sunday, October 25, 2009

Consideration-A little goes a long way~

My fiance is so considerate. If you knew the guy I dated before him you would understand completely. Cole came home on Thursday of this week with a pair of pajama bottoms for me, cause mine are getting baggy-ya! Than on Saturday he headed up to the mall in the evening to get something and bought me a book and a cleaning cloth for my jewellery-I had mentioned needing one before.
The guy I dated prior to him wasn't considerate at all and actually almost seemed to go out of his way to be a jerk. There were times that I would be working a 9 hour day on my feet and he was supposed to pick me up and when I got outside he wouldn't be there. I'd call him and the conversation would go like this :
ME " Where are you?"
HIM "Home"
ME " I know that, I just called there. You are supposed to be picking me up."
HIM " I fell asleep, whats the big deal, can't you get a cab?"
It took a long time, too long, to leave that relationship. I was working a crappy job, was overweight and didn't feel I had many options. That is never a reason to stay but I did. It was Cole's friendship that showed me people can, and do, want to treat others good. I left and 14 months later me and Cole started dating.
What is so great about our relationship is that we both try to do things for one another. Its not out of obligation, just wanting to make the other one happy.


  1. Your ex sounds like my ex-husband. It is amazing what a horrible relationship with an uncaring man can do for a woman's self-esteem. I always like to say that when I got divorced, it was an instant loss of 200 pounds of unwanted fat!! But that was years ago and I've put it behind me, and my current husband is my Prince Charming and White Knight all wrapped up in one.

  2. It takes a crappy relationship to truly appreciate a good one! It sounds like you've found a keeper!! Congrats!!