Monday, November 2, 2009


I figured it was time to talk about all the past diets I have tried, lest I forget, and were to think about trying again. Ugh. I have been trying since I was about 16 to lose weight, back then 20 pds, this time 117.

The first one I ever tried was TOPS (Taking off pounds, sensibly), it was awesome that it only cost about $1 a week but I can't really remember a weight loss plan if there was one. We had this little chant we were supposed to do to, can you say embarrasting, I can still do it, "and even though my excess poundage is there for everyone to see how foolish I have been..." sad but true.

I tried the cabbage soup diet. Not much to go into since I lasted less than a week, man that stuff is so gross. The Atkins diet was more my speed but after reading an article of a guy getting the gout I decided I would rather my fat limbs than no limbs at all.

I tried a diet that ppl were passing around with all these rules, can't remember the name, but you could only have bananas and skim milk one day, strawberries the next, all that madness, couldn't do it. I tried the grapefruit diet but that only lasted about a day when I threw the grapefruit juice back up into the glass.

I tried slim fast and thought it went well until I was walking to my weigh in and must have looked like one of those tri-athlete's that deplete all their calories and can't make it over the finish line, my weigh in was about a 10 min walk from my apt and I could hardly make it there, after the weigh in I went to my aunts and had Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Of course I tried many more than written here but I don't even care to travel down that road anymore, these diets, in moderation, are probably good for some, but alas not for me.


  1. I think I've been on most of the same diets. The only one I ever stayed with was the KFC Diet.

  2. A man after my own heart, haha.