Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Maybe I'm a slow learner.

A while ago I read a study that proved that it took 3 weeks to form a habit. So I figured I would try this with exercising. Even at my heaviest weight, dare I even type it, 265 pds, I was the type of person who walked, slow but still I did.

That being said, in the past I never enjoyed exercise. I would come up with any excuse not to do it-headache, sore stomach, paper cut, whatever. Whenever I watch The Biggest Loser and they lost quite a lot of weight and have to carry it while they run a challenge I think its no wonder I hate exercise.

Anyways I thought that it would take me three weeks to form the habit of exercise, but you know what it really didn't-for me it took longer, more like 3 months. 3 months of walking 5-6 times a week and now I can honestly say it is a habit, and one I enjoy at that. I get home from work do the dishes and before I know it I am half way dressed in my exercise clothes before I even realise what I am doing. At any rate I'm just glad I didn't give up sooner than the three months because I have been sleeping so much better with the walking and the fresh air.


  1. Walking (treadmill, outdoors, etc.) will always be my exercise of choice. It's the one activity I can plan on wherever I go and at any age. How great that you start preparing for your walk without giving it a second thought. It really is a habit.

  2. Habit forming does take a while! I'm STILL working on water. I have doubts that I can ever make it a "habit" and not a conscious decision!! Kudos for sticking it out long enough to where it's now a habit for you. Walking is a wonderful habit to have =)

  3. Thanks girls, Tasha I totally know what you mean about the water. I'm pretty good during the week but on the weekends it totally slips my mind-gotta get better with it.

  4. It is great to "meet" you! Love your blog and congratulations on losing nearly 20 already!

    Totally agree about how great it is to form such a healthy habit - it is so ingrained for me now that I feel edgy if I don't do it these days - amazing if you consider how slovenly I used to be, lol!