Thursday, November 26, 2009

A little point.

Just a quick post before I head to work. Happy Thanksgiving to my American Friends and Family. Wish I were enjoying a delicious Turkey today.

I get weighed tomorrow and I can't wait-I don't weigh during the week so I don't get discouraged so I really have no idea, I did everything right but this bod will do what it will do, haha.

Its so surprising when I haul out my points finder and discover something is lower in points than I would have thought. The ham I put on my sandwich seems a little thick to me and its only 1pt. Yah. If I didn't know I would have at least though 2.

Stuff like that makes me happy :)


  1. Sending you good vibes for your weigh in. But more important than what the scale says - you KNOW you had a good week - that counts for alot!


  2. Thanks so much-I lost .8 of a pound-a little bummer but I'll still take it, haha.

  3. You're doing great! All the losses will add up. Just think about the clothes shopping we can do next summer........... sigh........

  4. Hope today's WI made you happy :)

  5. Good luck on your weigh-in! I always loved finding lower points values for my favorite foods! :)