Friday, November 20, 2009

Good Week~

I weighed in today and lost another 1.2pds. I'll take it-haha. I like our meeting so much. Lots of helpful tips. While I was waiting for the meeting to start I looked through my book again to read the points value for various foods and its really important cause sometimes I make assumptions.

I seem to be surrounding myself with weight loss from the various blogs I read, my meeting, ww online, pod casts and its really helping. Building this little community around me is keeping me motivated. I told Cole that blogging might be the ticket that keeps me going this time.

Ann will always put a quote up on the board and this weeks was "You should fit your weight loss program into your life-not fit your life into your weight loss program" That is so true.

When I was in LA Weight Loss-I truly felt deprived and like I couldn't go anywhere or eat anything besides the things I had figured out already. They weighted me 3 times a week and we had to go over my journal-it was tedious.

I like Weight Watchers because I can eat anything as long as I track the points for it. This helps me make good decisions but I can still eat what I crave.

Sorry-don't want to sound like a commercial-haha. I'm going into work tonight for some overtime. Boo. I so love my downtime but tonight won't be so bad cause I can wear my jeans and I love my job~

Hope everyone had a good week. Hope to post tomorrow~


  1. Hey good for you on the weight loss!

  2. Good job! Your hard work is paying off! Weight Watchers really is a great plan (and they make great food). I'm sitting here eating a WW ice cream cup right now... YUM. What you said about making your plan fit your life rather than making your life fit your plan really hit home for me. I've had so much trouble with that in the past. Just reading what you wrote is really helping me see things better!

  3. Good morning, C. Good job on your weight loss. Keep on going ...
    Hey, you mentioned you listen to some podcasts and that they help you...Are they WW podcasts? Or is it from other websites? That would be something interesting to listen to ...Have a great weekend! And remember: WE CAN DO IT! ONE DAY AT A TIME!

  4. Congratulations on the nice loss! I agree that blogging is the ticket. It's pro-active and makes you realize you're not alone.

  5. I had never even read a blog before my friend suggested I start one. I think it has been a BIG part of my success.

    Glad WW is working so well for you!

  6. Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone. I wish here in Canada we could get more ww products, maybe someday. Hey Tathi-I listen to a bunch of different weight loss podcasts, The biggest loser fan podcast, ww podcast, whatever I can get my ears around, haha. Its nice cause I can listen at work maybe in a year from now I'll have one, haha~

  7. Yeah baby!! keep it up!! Very nice loss. I must agree that blogging is such a plus. Over the past 11 months it has helped me immensely. The support received from fellow bloggers is incredible! Keep it up! You are well on your way!! :)