Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tis the Season~

On Friday I went to get weighed and only lost .8 of a pound. It can be frustrating to do everything right and not even make it to a whole pound but I know its in there somewhere just fighting to get out so I never lose heart anymore-like I said this bod will do what it will do-no point get discouraged its what it wants and I won't let it happen.

It turns out that with the American Thanksgiving we didn't have overtime at work this week due to having a little less volume. I was actually disappointed cause I wanted that cash for Xmas but what ya gonna do?

Cole's in the Kingswood gym here-I used to be too but quit to walk outside-just love the outdoors, keeps me more motivated. Anyways they had a Christmas Party for their members as an appreciation thing. Really nice. It had all kinds of bowling, laser tag, games, prizes, pizza, cake, etc.
Not the best pics and Cole even looks sad in his, haha~I wore my Beatles shirt that I haven't fit into in ages and put on some black nail polish-Looked a bit trendy for the first time in 12 years. Disappointing that I let my 20's go by being overweight-so many trends passed me by-Not my 30's though.

I hate to admit it but I actually like bowling shoes, I know I stand alone in this but I find them so cute. Not the best pic either but you get the idea :)

Anyways my friend who was supposed to be quitting ww ended up coming to the meeting on Friday. I was happy. She is also in the gym with Cole so they were at the party as well. She said she hates eating around me in case I judge her. I don't. I eat stuff too, especially on the weekends.

I had pizza and some cake. I was kinda surprised that for a gym's party they didn't provide any water (only pop-which I gave up over 4 years ago). I kinda thought they would have some veggie trays and stuff. There I go assuming stuff-never assume, go prepared.

Today I went for my morning walk and it was raining and so cold. When I came home we had sort of a lazy day and then in the late afternoon we had some Subway and went to the Christmas Parade. I worked at Subway for 4 years and I could eat it every day-love it so much. Here's a pic of me and Cole freezing our butts off at the Christmas Parade-it was so cold we didn't even stick around for the big guy.For a couple of months now I've been seeing advertisements for these mugs from Tim Horton's, only $3.99 and obviously reusable. So pretty, so green. I went to all the Tim's here and couldn't get one. I thought I was destined to walk this earth without one and then today I finally found one~ Yah.

Cole likes that its the little things that make me happy and so do I. Anyways I have to go get prepared for another week. Hopefully we'll have a lazy weekend next week with my overtime, on the 12th we have 3 parties and one of them we are hosting. So busy-but fun~


  1. Great job with your loss! It might not be as much as you hoped for but still, a loss is great! Your party sounded really fun! Good luck with hosting the party also. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. Hi C., Hey, losing .8 is better than gaining .8, right? ;) Celebrate it anyway!!
    Have a good week!

  3. Aww, cute pictures!! I love bowling shoes, too. I can't believe the gym party didn't have water - that is freaking bizarre. .8 is still a good loss! Are you noticing other non-scale changes in your body?

  4. Hey sweetie-- please stop by my blog and pick up your award. xox