Sunday, November 22, 2009


My friend that just started going to ww like two months ago is quitting til after the new year. I'm really disappointed, especially since we go together and it was fun. She said with all the Xmas parties and stuff but she was doing so well the last few weeks. We were going to motivate each other.

What a total bummer. Luckily for me I started this journey by myself and made it a point to not need anyone to help me get to my goal. When I walk-its by myself, I blog by myself, and prepare my meals by myself. In the past when I needed a partner to motivate me, I failed.

This is not to say that I won't miss having her at my meetings, I will. It sucks too that in January I have to find a new meeting since I'll be working morning.

Well off to work I go to start another work week. Have a great week to all my bloggies.


  1. It sucks your friend quit, but I'm proud of you for forging ahead and doing it for yourself.

    Plus, you're not alone - we're here for you and with you!

  2. It does suck that she quit -but you are stronger than that and know that WW will HELP GET you through the holidays, plus you have us :) You are never alone in Blogland.


  3. Hi C., I like your positive attitude! That is exactly what my husband always tells me: "you don't need anybody to do it with you, you have the power to do it yourself!"
    So keep on going, girl!

  4. Thanks ladies-I will forge on-haha-with you all at my side.

  5. Hey Enz- I keep trying to write messages on your posts but it won't let me :o(