Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Weekend~

This weekend was really short. Working overtime has the benefit of extra cash but unfortunately it doesn't leave time for much. I will be happy I did it though when I'm buying stuff at the outlet stores, haha.
This morning I went for my walk as usual and I'm so thankful we are still having such nice weather. The air is just a little crisp but it is so nice-even though I have trackers I'm still not looking forward to the snow-especially ice-I have such a fear of falling.

When I got up from my nap Cole made us some soup and made me a modified grill cheese-he made it on ww multi grain bread and it was really good.

Then we got busy doing some Christmas decorating. Last year I made goodies but I was so tired today that I didn't bother. We are going to my mom's house this Christmas and my brothers family are meeting us there. Our niece Gabby has a peanut allergy so we will have to modify our treats this time anyways and I haven't had time to figure it out.
So we put on some Christmas tunes and had some hot chocolate. (Caution-this was not low fat) haha.
We found it hard to get a nice pic since I was too lazy to do my hair-haha-luckily he loves me.

We always put on red and gold ornaments, ribbon, star, cranberries and some old ornaments from our childhoods. We get a new ornament for us every year.
Its hard to tell but we have ribbon and lights on tops of the cupboards-looks so pretty lite up that I'll do my dishes with the lights off and these on, really relaxing.
These kind of weekends are my favorite just me and Cole hanging out.


  1. Lovely decorating and great that you two are creating traditions already!

    We put our tree up the last weekend in November (next weekend) and its a day full of fun, frustration, laughter, FOOD and family. I can't wait to start cooking Friday night!

  2. How exciting! I can't wait to start decorating!! And not that I have to worry about it too much living in SC, I too have a crazy fear of slipping on the ice and will walk like a duck to prevent wiping out.

  3. haha-I walk like a duck too. Yeah Enz-next weekend sounds like it'll be fun in your house-happy decorating ladies.

  4. The progress pics are on the sidebar as well. Thanks for stopping by C