Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sometimes Change is Good

Just got home from another work night. I cannot tell you all how excited I am to get the day shift. I start in January. What sucks is the fact that Cole will still be working nights, we are hoping something opens up for him soon.
Working nights while trying to lose weight is unbelievably hard. The preparing of healthy meals & snacks, and having to make sure to get good rest when your body is technically supposed to be awake, its a hassle.
We'd of course still have to do these things when working days but it seems different, haha. So many people that we work with are overweight and many are obese. It doesn't help that they have vending machines that actually take debit and credit cards, I only wish I were joking. Neither Cole nor I have purchased anything from them in over two years and even then it was gum.
Well folks I did something I never thought in a million years I would do. I wore out a pair of sneakers, from actual exercise. I'm getting a pair in December, hopefully for Christmas but if not I'll get a pair for myself, I can't wait.

Something else that is pretty exciting. Well I got engaged in July and the night Cole proposed I could hardly fit my ring on, in my defense we had did lots of walking that day doing touristy things, haha. Well guess what? It hardly fits me now-as in-too big. Its flopping all over the place. I'm going to get a ring sizer thingy cause I of course still want to lose more. So exciting. Well off I go in my sneaks for another walk, Cole's going to help me do some ab exercises when I get back, oh what joy, haha.


  1. WOW! Those are two fantastic non-scale victories! Good for you!!!!

  2. Thanks so much-haha-I've been on the ww website for ages and could never figure out what nsv stood for -haha.