Monday, November 23, 2009


Do you ever find that you hear something and then seemingly everywhere you turn you hear it again. Its not quite deja vu, or a premonition, maybe its a true coincidence.

Either way lately like I've said before I have been surrounding myself with all things weight loss. Blogs, websites, books, magazines, shows, etc.

One of the topics that keeps coming up is Determination. Determination can be defined as :a fixed purpose or intention. This is something that was very lacking in my past attempts at weight loss.

I would be determined for a little while but then give up when I didn't get the desired results quickly. I didn't have realistic goals and that just set me up for failure.

I was listening to a podcast about weight loss and the pod caster said that people will often have the desire to lose weight but then after a while has passed and they are sitting in front of a piece of cake the cake seems like something more real than the future weight loss.

It really got me thinking cause in so many instances this has been true for me. I'll be going along great and then I would only have a small loss or whatever and the next thing I know I'm devouring something. It was like I said to myself oh well if you can't lose fast than why bother losing at all.

The mind is really such a tricky thing and that's why I am constantly surrounding myself, I have to work on the mind-I don't want this to be all for not, I want to change.


  1. You're so right. It's not about the stomach, it's about the head.

  2. You're so right. This game is 99% mental.

    Can you give me a link to the podcast - I'd love to listen to it.

  3. Hi Candace - I have something for you on my blog =)

  4. Determination is tricky! It's easy to think you have it when you really don't. Determination has been missing from my past attempts, too. What changes?

  5. Enz here's the link They are so knowledgable its sick, haha. Thanks again so much Katie for the award-I will pass it on tomorrow when I'm not in a rush-so excited. I think it is all about the mind and I guess what changes is the actual mindset. You have to remain focused on the end goal to some degree-for example with everything I do I think imagine in a year how far I'll be. If we go somewhere I say to Cole imagine in a year what I will be able to wear.