Saturday, November 14, 2009

Same goal-Different year~

The other night while trying to find something I came across an old diary. It was from April 2004. I had filled out about 20 pages of it and they were all about trying to lose weight. I had just started Weight Watchers (again).

In the diary I was really pumped by my early weight loss and had pasted in pics of various outfits from catalogs. It really got me to thinking about how long I have been dreaming of what my life can be, but never really actually living that life.

While on vacation this week in New Hampshire I kept looking at various outfits in stores and saying to my mother and Cole how I can't wait til I can wear them. It really made me realize that I have to do this now. I am 32, about to be married, ready to start a family, what the hell am I waiting for?

I don't want to pick up my Weight Watcher log book in a couple of years and still be at this weight. I want to be at my goal. Wearing the outfits I dream about, going on hikes with Cole like I dream about.

After my weigh in yesterday me and a couple of other women started chatting and a women has been a member on and off since she was 18 and now she is 62-she has been at her goal a long time.

She gave me advice that was really smart she said instead of trying to be perfect all at once to take it a little at a time. For example she said, each week take one item you buy all the time and read all the labels of the different brands, for the lowest points, lowest sodium, etc. If you do this for one item each week its not overwhelming and before long you have a whole cart of the best options and you don't even have to think about it. I am so doing this.

This week the weight watcher cookbooks were on for 50% off and I bought two!

The third pic is off my cat Pepper, whenever she hears the camera come on she comes running, isn't she the cutest?

I'm really excited to start making some good recipes from them, a friend of mine who is in ww said she made three things from them last week and they were delicious and her husband didn't even know it was low points, Cole wouldn't care either way he is super supportive and loves my cooking.

I'm not even back to work from this vacation and I'm already looking forward to having Christmas off. We are headed back to New Hampshire and my brother, his wife and my niece and nephew are all meeting us there. While talking to my niece, Gabby, on web cam she told me she want a blue present. Gabby is 2 and Ben is 3 months. I cannot wait to see them.
Can you see why? Such cuties~

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  1. Cute kids! I think that lady at Weight Watchers gave you great advice. At first I thought you were going to say she's been trying to lose weight since she was 18 and now she's 62. I was relieved to hear that she's maintaining her loss. You'll be wearing the outfits you dream about.