Friday, November 13, 2009

What I gained on vacation.

After a week of being on vacation I got weighed today. I gained 2.4 pds. I knew I would gain. I didn't react in the way I would have in the past. I would have avoided the weight in and then avoided next week, etc, until I quit. Today I marched right in there and got weighed.

2.4 pds is not the end of the world and I don't want to be in the kind of situation where I can't enjoy myself on vacation. Not that vacation is centered around food but we did enjoy some of the restaurants we can't get in Canada.

I had such a great time chatting with my mother. I sucks to be so far away from her. Since I only get to see her once or twice a year I literally hardly sleep when I am visiting cause I don't want to miss out on a moment.

My mother is 5'0 and about 120-130 pds and has never really had to struggle with weight. When I told her that I was scared to get weighed she didn't understand. She said "Why? You didn't eat bad." She doesn't realize that eating at IHOP and having a few coolatta's is bad for me. She doesn't know the daily struggle of having to measure and think about every ounce of food you consume. I envy her.

Mom is really supportive-she bought me some weight watcher products. Here in Canada we can't get hardly any weight watcher products, I couldn't believe the ice creams in the freezer in the states, so yummy, such little point values.

Looking forward to my walk tomorrow-I am proud I only missed two walks. It is so surprising how much I missed them and how not being on my regular eating schedule has messed my whole system up. I'm also looking forward to catching up on some of the blog posts I missed while away.


  1. Your mom sounds like a peach. That's a small gain and I'm sure you'll be back to where you were in a flash. You'll have your memories of the visit, not the pounds.

  2. 2.6 is not bad. You'll take it back off! That's a bummer about the availability of WW products in Canada. WW stuff really is EVERYWHERE here in the states. That's awesome that you actually missed your walks! Have fun easing back into the regular routines. I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation!

  3. Thanks girls. I am getting for my walk soon. Its a really nice day here.

  4. 2.6 on vacation sounds like a success to me. You'll take it back off in no time!